You won’t believe the real reason you need our paint correction service!

Paint Correction Service

Your car is looking pretty dull these days. You’re not sure why – you clean it every fortnight and take good care of it. So why does it always look a little dirty and lacklustre? You miss that new car sparkle it used to have when you’d spot it easily in the car park, proud to hit unlock on your remote as you approach. Yep, this is my car, you’d think to yourself—one of your proudest purchases. So now you’re left scratching your head, wondering why it looks as grubby as all the other cars in the lot?

Would you believe us if we told you environmental contaminants had constantly been attacking your car ever since it’s been on the road?
It might make you feel a little better knowing that no car is immune to environmental contaminants, and this is why all car paint finishes gradually lose their vibrance over time. So, what are these contaminants, and what can you do about them?

You’d be surprised what ends up sticking to your car. Tree sap, tar from roads, bugs, industrial fallout, and air pollution can all cause build up on your paintwork. But how, you ask?
Industrial fall out is the inorganic industrial material fall out from iron filings, brake dust, train dust and paint spray over. Things you will come into contact with every single day without even realising. These metal shavings fly off when they are hot and end up on your cars paintwork. Because these are inorganic materials, they bond both physically and chemically, especially when introduced to moisture.

Speaking of moisture, rainwater pollution, caused by sulfuric or nitric acid in the atmosphere brought back down by rain, can become best friends with road grime on your paintwork and bond ever so well. Then there is tree sap, which is quite common if your car stays parked under trees in the summer months when sticky liquid can drop from trees and land all over your vehicle. Tar from the roads, which is thrown up all over your bodywork, can again be more problematic in the summertime as the bitumen heats.
So, after years of constant attack, it’s no wonder your car paint is looking a little tired! But worry not, Paint correction Brisbane has just the solution: we will decontaminate your car paint and bring it back to shiny new!

Image Perfection Paint Correction service uses a three-stage decontamination process before we even begin to polish! Working our way through all of that microscopic dirt, ferrous oxide and organic matter, we use dual-action German-engineered polishing machines with abrasive polishes, wet sanding, foam polishing pads and microfibre paintwork cloths. We understand the word abrasive seems counterintuitive to polishing and paint correction, but this is required to remove all of that baked on yuk that’s dulling your car. Our highly skilled technicians use only the best products and techniques to remove this environmental grime and produce unbelievable results.

Our paint correction service is no walk in the park and can take around 4-6 hours to work over your cars bodywork to remove all signs of contamination. However, we know that not all cars are the same; therefore, the process must suit the vehicles needs. Our Bronze paint correction package is perfect for decontaminating and removing light swirl marks in the paint. In contrast, our Gold and Platinum paint correction service is ideal for cars with heavy scratches and oxidisation that require more TLC. This service is a must-have for all you car buffs looking to bring a classic car back to its original beauty!

So, now you understand what we mean by contamination and our paint correction service, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved car doesn’t need to live on the dull side. Call us today and see how we can restore your paintwork with our show-stopping paint correction services and put the shine back in your day!