Ceramic Coating is another form of car paint protection that has a superior finish and protection properties. It is a non metallic flexible barrier that bonds to your car?s paint like microscopic anchors, so that your car is protected from the elements that might cause the paint to be damaged or fade.

Our ceramic coating is fast acting and only takes 30 seconds to bond and is fully waterproof within 10 minutes. It is the only paint protection on the market that has this ability! After 24 hours the coating will have fully set and will last for at least 2 years before reapplication is needed.

Over time your beautiful car will develop swirl marks on the paintwork, these swirl marks are microscopic scratches that form a spider web looking swirl. They are caused by dirty cleaning clothes commercial car washes and even using the wrong products.

The beauty of ceramic coating is that it seals these swirl marks and along with removing them the ceramic coating goes on to provide protection against minor scratches, bird/bat droppings, tar, tree sap, sand and more. It can handle almost any element that might be thrown your car?s way. Our ceramic car coating is even resistant to any chemical that has a ph between 2 and 11. How great is that!

Ceramic Car Coating also allows you to protect the resale value. People are more tempted to buy a car for a higher price if it looks like the owner has looked after it. So if you are selling your car ceramic coating can be a great option before sale as well, if the paintwork looks good your halfway to a sale

Most ?paint protections? are just someone waxing your car to make it look clean and shiny often causing more swirl marks that will show up eventually but you can be assured that our product is the real deal in the car detailing industry.

So if you are looking for superior paint protection then consider ceramic car coating. It is the best product currently on the market and, at Image Perfection we only provide quality products and professional services for you and your vehicle.

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