These Pictures Will Make You Think Twice! Auto Detailing Brisbane

Auto-detailing is what our team at Image Perfection is passionate about most. In a nutshell, auto detailing refers to a system of specialised techniques that get your vehicle, whether it is your pride and joy or one of many in a fleet of company vehicles, looking its absolute best like when it was just purchased.

This process is done by hand, and not only involves the use of specialised equipment and quality products, but also the right know-how to learn exactly what a car exterior needs to look like new again.

Unfortunately, what many people out there don’t realise is that when it comes to taking care of your auto detailing yourself, you won’t be able to get that perfect finish, the right paint swirl correction, protect the exterior of your vehicle, or even avoid damaging the exterior when trying to carry out auto-detailing yourself.

We have included an example in the image above comparing the difference between a sub-par auto-detailing service and our professional cleaning services. Note that in the above image, a series of paint swirls can easily be seen in the reflection of the car’s surface, while the bottom image is virtually floorless.

What you might not realise is that paint swirls are actually microscopic scratches on the vehicle’s exterior that occur when either the wrong product is used, or when sub-par products and equipment such as cheap sponges or dirty cloths are used for the job that leaves abrasion marks.

When you purchase a cheap sponge or product, these are normally not graded for the perfect auto-detailing finish and over time can actually lead to further deterioration of a vehicle’s exterior. While low-quality sponges and hard brushes can leave these microscopic scratches on a vehicle’s surface, some types of soaps out there can also strip the protective layers off of the paint which then exposes the lower layers to the elements, leading to more fade and even rust as time goes on.

And what makes things worse is that when many car owners see paint swirls on their vehicles, they then apply additional elbow grease in the form of hand polishing without understanding that it may be the material or product itself that is causing the paint swirls, which only worsens the problem.

While it is true that swirl marks are much more visible on black and darker-coloured vehicles compared to white vehicles, they do represent exterior damage caused by sub-par cleaning that damages a vehicle’s exterior, even if you can’t see it easily.

When it comes to a vehicle that is your pride and joy that goes out on weekend drives, or if you need your entire fleet of company vehicles looking like new to make a statement about your brand, getting professional auto paint corrections and paint swirl corrections not only leaves everything looking pristine with zero paint swirls, it also protects the paint and exterior of the vehicle so that it lasts the life of the car itself.

This can really only be done with a high attention to detail, and by selecting the right tools and materials for use whenever we are in contact with any surface of the vehicle. We can also reapply that protective layer to your vehicle’s exterior with a range of different products from wax and paint sealants, a paint protection film, and even a ceramic coating for an even and flawless finish that looks brand new.

Although our team at Image Perfection is based in Brisbane, because we provide mobile car detailing and paint correction services where ever your vehicle is located, we can come to you anywhere in South East Queensland to get your pride and joy or fleet of business vehicles looking like new, ensuring that their exteriors have as much protection from the elements to keep on lasting as long as the vehicle does.