The Purpose Of Paint Correction Brisbane

Paint correction is the process used to remove swirl and scratch marks from car paint. This corrects the damage the paint has received leaving it smooth without the visible spiderweb look you can see when the paint is reflected in the sun.

Why is it important?

Paint correction is important because it removes tiny indents in the paint’s surface which, over time, can collect dirt and dust further damaging your car’s paintwork. If your car’s paint is continuously scratched and damaged it can eventually wear out your clear coat and damage the colour coat underneath, which will then start to expose the metal panel of your vehicle.

The scratches and swirls you see in your car’s paint are caused by multiple factors including debris, natural elements, bad polishing, using the wrong materials on your paint and more. Therefore it is important to minimize these factors, which you can do with our paint protection services.

Will it remove all scratches?

Paint correction will remove the tiny swirls and scratches that you wouldn’t normally see except in the sun’s light. It will not remove scratches that have gone deeper than the clear coat. If the scratches on your car have penetrated the colour layer or even the panel you are best to have it repaired by a panel beater.

Paint correction works on correcting the existing paint and returning it to its original smooth finish. This is the state that the car’s paint was in when it was manufactured, not when you drive it off the showroom floor as dealerships do not have the techniques to polish cars correctly which leads to the scratches and swirls you see in the first place. 

Is Image Perfection’s paint correction different? 

Image Perfection provides superior paint correction Brisbane services, which corrects the damage your car’s paint has received. The difference between our paint correction and the dealerships polishing your car is the skills and tools we use.

We apply polishing with cloths that are not harsh on your paintwork and leave your car shining, not scratched. Once we have performed paint correction on your car we then apply paint protection to prevent your paint being further damaged by dirt, dust and other elements.

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