The Difference Between Cleaning And Detailing Your Car

There is nothing better than having a nice clean car to drive around in and be proud of as you pull out of the driveway. However, there is a difference between just cleaning your car and giving it the full car detailing treatment, which definitely shows once the process is complete.

Why cleaning is the bare minimum

The average person cleaning their car will start by washing the exterior with car wash and a sponge then hose the bubbles off. After that they start on the interior where they vacuum the floor and the seats before calling it a day.

What is wrong with this picture you ask? Well, to start with, you are more likely to damage your car’s paint with your sponge while cleaning your car making things worse. Your car may look clean but there are a heap of swirls you have just added to your exterior. Plus vacuuming your car doesn’t exactly pick up all the dirt and debris. Did you see the coffee stain that still marks your seat?!

Professional Exterior Car Detailing

You can’t fully comprehend how dirty your car is until you have it detailed. Regular cleaning alone still leaves your car pretty grubby if you look close enough. That is why professional car detailing is so important, especially if you have health issues.

Starting with the exterior of the car we clean all the debris off the surface, like you normally would, but then we go further. After an initial wash we clean up the microscopic debris in your paint such as grains of dirt, oil, etc. This is part of our paint correction process. Once your car is free from debris we then remove the scratches and swirls in your paint before finishing it off with paint protection for a flawless finish! Can you picture the difference now?!

Professional Interior Car Detailing

We don’t just stop at the exterior of your car when detailing. We also perform work on the inside where we shampoo and clean the stains out of your carpets and seats. Then we wipe the whole interior down, reaching every nook and cranny to remove all the dust and dirt. Once everything in your interior is spotless we finish off with fabric or leather protection to repel water and other liquids from soaking into your seats.

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