The Benefits Of Paint Correction For Your Car

Have you had your car for a while now but still love it to bits? If you are a car enthusiast that wants to see their ride sparkle then paint correction is a great product for you!

Paint correction is one of our many detailing services that we offer to help make your car look brand new again. With different levels of correction you can be assured that you are getting the right one for your car.

Our paint correction service levels range from our Bronze Service all the way to our Platinum Service. With a minimum of a car wash, 3 stage paint decontamination, single stage machine polishing and Surf City Professional Spray Glaze you can rest assured you are in good hands.

When we perform paint correction on your car we remove all swirl marks and make your car look as if it has just rolled off the showroom floor. You will be stunned by the results with a crystal clear reflection in the surface of your paint. As a mobile car detailing service we also come to you so you can enjoy our services at home or at your office.

We only use superior products and finishes when performing paint correction which removes all scratches, grit, grime, tar and more. Having your paint cleaned with our products, is almost like a purifying process.

The flawless finish that is achieved by our technicians is the basic principle that separates the amateurs from the professionals. We don?t do things by half and ensure that you receive only the best quality from our services.

We also use only the best tools to make your car shine when it comes to paint correction including; superior polishing machines, abrasive polishes, foam pads, microfiber paint cloths and more. In combination with our skilled team the end result will be amazing, a vehicle you can be proud to drive.

Book your car in for superior paint correction today and see the results for yourself. All you have to do is give our team at Image Perfection a call on 0419 888 456.