The 4 Steps Of Brisbane Paint Correction

Why do cars need paint correction? That is a common question that many car owners ask but there are major benefits to correcting your car’s paint, especially if you own a new vehicle or classic collector’s car. Paint correction enables you to protect the integrity of the vehicle and ensure that it stays in perfect condition for years to come.

Unfortunately, without Brisbane paint correction your car’s paint faces continuous wear and tear from chips in the clear coat as we as dirt and debris that eat away at your pride and joy. This is the condition that most cars on the road are in and owners are not aware of the damaging effects this has.


As professional car detailers, we start our Brisbane paint correction process by decontaminating the car’s paint. This process involves washing the vehicle with a snow foam wash to remove the visible debris on the car. Then we dry the vehicle off and start to take out the microscopic dirt and particles, which are ingrained in the paint.

The paint needs to be thoroughly decontaminated before the polishing process as the microscopic particles can get stuck to our polishing equipment. This further damages the paint by creating more swirl and scratch marks which are visible imperfections you can see when light shines on your paint.

Scratch & Swirl Removal

The next part of the Brisbane paint correction process is removing the scratch and swirl marks. These marks make the paint of your car uneven and are unsightly imperfections, especially in show cars or classics. You want the paint to look smooth with a perfect finish and not marred by flaws.

We start removing the scratch and swirl marks with our first stage of polishing which rids the paint of all imperfections except the deepest chips and scratches that have gone through to the colour coat.


After removing the scratch and swirls marks we then finely polish your car’s exterior until it is smooth as silk. This gets rid of the last of the fine chips in the clear coat and is an important stage of the Brisbane paint correction process as it is the final stage before we perform paint protection.

Paint Protection

After we have completed our Brisbane paint correction process we then cover your car’s paint in a protective layer of ceramic coating. This is what we call paint protection!

Paint protection is a layer that sits on top of your clear coat and protects your paint from UV rays, dirt, dust, bird and bat droppings. It is the ultimate protection for your vehicle and keeps your paint looking flawless.

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