“Well what can I say other than wow. I handed my 6 month old car to Craig and let him carry out a full treatment inside and out. Needless to say I was blown away with the results when I picked it up. The car was entirely transformed to better then new condition I could not be happier with the results. I will be sending all my new cars to Craig in the future and could not speak highly enough of the results I had on my car. One very satisfied customer here thank you Craig and Image Perfection top job”

Matt Holt

“A huge thanks to Craig for applying paint protection to my month old CX3 today. I am very happy with the outcome, and thankful for your services. My beautiful car came back to me looking showroom quality. Craig explained in thorough detail, on the ins and outs, and the do's and dont's of how to look after it (SUPER SIMPLE by the way) and how to maintain it and keep it looking fantastic. Thanks again Craig - i am very very happy!!”

Ashleigh Stevens

“Big thanks to Craig. I had a 3 stage correction done and Always Dry products applied to my 2011 Maloo. Can finally say my ute is to a standard that I can be proud of. Cheers guys will definitely be making arrangements to have my other vehicles recieve the Image Perfection treatment.”

Stuart Ezzy

“Thank You Craig and Image Perfection. No words to really describe just how happy and impressed i am with your service, and special attention made to our brand new GTSR. Always Dry Extreme and Pro has made the car service feel as solid as a ceramic plate. AMAZING. Shine and gloss are outstandingly smooth and bugs just wipe off with ease.

I can see now why so many of your other customers recommend Image Perfection. Very happy that i listened to the many referrals from other friends to give you a call.

Thank you too for flying all the way up from Brisbane to Cairns.”

Peter J Lawrie

“First of all the results blew my mind! Craig is very professional and the pride in his work is second to none. Cares for your car like its his own, what more can you ask for!

Now onto getting my second car done!”

Anthony Groen

“Some people may remember the black 2017 SSV Redline that Craig did a few weeks ago. This vehicle belongs to my brother and on this occasion I decided to accompany him to Brisbane to get the Always Dry package done. I must say, I have always been a total sceptic when it comes to paint protection and thought I would tag along to see why my brother was raving on about Craig and his work.

During the process, I was able to watch Craig work and actually see the paint protection being applied. I was impressed with the dedication and effort Craig puts into the job. It was amazing to see the chemical reaction as it bonded to the paint first hand.

Let's just say by the end, I was a believer in the product and more importantly the ability of Craig to transform vehicles into perfection. I booked my own vehicle (which was in the process of being purchased) in with Craig before I left.

About two weeks later after receiving my new Holden, I left it with Craig and yet again, he shows why he is hands down the best in the business.

I would not hesitate in recommending Craig and Image Protection to friends and family as he is the go to guy in car detailing and paint protection.”

Hay Den

“I never knew paint could feel this good! You're a legend Craig! Not only did you revive the neglected (black) Skyline from chalk to silk ready for sale but the finish on the Mondeo after this coating is incredible! Washing this car will be a breeze, nothing's going to stick to this baby. Highly recommend!”

Kayla McLean

“Craig dose some unbelievable work wouldn't go anywhere else. I was blown away with how my brand new car turned out, I thought it was good from the factory but it's turned out 100 times better since Craig got his hands on it.”

Rhys Frank

“Craig has in depth knowledge and passion for his work that I have never seen before in the detailing world. He has the reputation and rewards to back up his technical prowess. In an industry full of amateurs, let a professional look after your pride and joy.”

Chris Mitchell

“I can't thank you enough Craig for making my cool ride even more spectacular than it was. Your expertise in this field is exemplary. I'm sure there will be trophies coming my way in the future at show & shines with thanks to your efforts.”

Darryl Banner