South Brisbane Car Detailing Services

Image Perfection is a professional car detailing company that provides car detailing services across South Brisbane. We are dedicated to ensuring your car receives the best paint protection and paint correction available.
We also perform a lot of extra services including engine bay cleaning to make everything spic and span and shine under the hood, fabric protection, leather protection for new and older vehicles and wheel protection to all makes and models.

Mobile Paint Protection South Brisbane

Paint protection is a coating that covers your car to protect the paint from elements such as UV rays, bat and bird droppings, light scratches, dirt and more. It doesn’t protect your car from scraps or dents but is still a good investment to maintain your vehicle’s value and overall look.

Paint protection is excellent for improving the re-sale value of your car as the paint is one of the first things people look at when considering purchasing your vehicle. Having your car look newer means you could sell your car for a couple of thousand dollars more than if your paint was in poor condition. The way your car paint looks is a good indication of how the vehicle was treated. Was it well maintained and looked after was it stored in a garage etc.
If you are a car enthusiast but don’t have the time to spend maintaining your pride and joy, paint protection is a great way to protect your car’s paint without the long hours in the garage. Paint protection is low maintenance and long lasting so you can use your time for other things and still enjoy that showroom finish.

Our mobile paint protection services enable your car to shine because of the professional products we implement and our attention to detail. As an authorised Always Dry applicator you can be assured that your car is receiving the best treatment with the best products available in today’s market.

Mobile Paint Correction South Brisbane

When it comes to car paint most people see the swirl marks on their car and consider it normal. It’s not! These swirl marks are imperfections in the paint that have been caused by washing or general wear and tear over time. Even new cars fresh from the dealership can have these imperfections yet people will pay top dollar for a vehicle with damaged paintwork.

Other forms of visible imperfections that can appear in your car’s paint over time include light scratches, marring, etching, buffer marks or hologramming. If these imperfections were magnified you would see large lines cutting across your paintwork, this is the actual extent of the damage your car has received. Paint correction allows us to remove these imperfections using a thorough decontamination process so your paintwork looks flawless. We start by removing the debris from your car’s exterior with a snow foam soak then we start to remove the smaller particles that have become ingrained in your car’s paint. Removing these allows us to continue our mobile paint correction process until the result is a smooth, shiny mirror like surface.

We provide paint protection and paint correction services to both new and older vehicles. Book your car in with us today by contacting us on 0419 888 456

South Brisbane Mobile Car Detailing