Solving The Myths Of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings have many benefits and helps protect your car’s paint from the environment. However, some people are scepticle about ceramic coating and what it actually performs. So here are a few myths that we can disperse so you get the most out of your ceramic coating.

Myth: Having a ceramic coating means I never have to wash my car

This is false. Ceramic coatings help protect your car’s paint but you still need to wash and maintain it. Your car will still become dirty from its surrounding environment, which will contaminate the paint if not taken care of. Ceramic coatings help reduce contamination but it doesn’t mean you should neglect cleaning your car.

Myth: Ceramic coatings will protect my car from any scratches

This is false. It is often misleading to assume that ceramic coatings will protect your car from scratches. It can prevent very light scratches from damaging your car’s paint but anything more than that will need to be buffed out or repaired.

Myth: A ceramic coating will last forever

This is false. Although our ceramic coating will last for a very long time on your vehicle it will not last forever as some people might think. It is important to reapply a ceramic coating every few years to protect the paint’s integrity on your car. This is useful for when you want to eventually sell your car as paint is one of the keys factors noticed during a sale. If you don’t want to sell your car then protecting your paint for the long term is a good idea as well.

Myth: Ceramic coatings peel off when they become old

This is false. Unlike the effect that clear coat has when it becomes old and brittle ceramic coating just disappears. You will not notice when your ceramic coating fades away except that you may start to see your paint becoming more contaminated once it is gone. Therefore it is important to reapply your ceramic coating every few years to protect your paint.

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