Simply The Best – Car Detailing Services Brisbane

Simply The Best – Car Detailing Services Brisbane

You’ve driven your brand-new pride from the dealership, taken it for a spin around town, and parked it outside of your house for a few days. It doesn’t take long to start noticing dirt, bird droppings, and dust. Time to think about getting your car detailed and giving it back that sheen it had when you first laid eyes on it.

Whether you are looking after your own car or a dozen fleet vehicles in Brisbane, planning for professional detailing from Brisbane Car Detailing Services should be on your list for looking after your vehicle. Detailing starts with a simple wash and vacuum. Done fortnightly, this may be enough to keep your fleet of vehicles looking as good as new.

For company cars, detailing is about more than just the vehicles. It makes a difference to morale. How would you feel about setting foot into a clean car at the beginning of the week compared to getting back into a car full of old coffee cups and food wrappers?

Or maybe you would like to take detailing a step further? That’s what Brisbane Car Detailing Services bronze, silver and gold packages are perfect for. They are all about deeper cleaning and adding that extra bit of shine to your vehicle.

Do you know what the deciding factor is in most car purchases? Price, age? No, it’s the look of it. Call us shallow, but you can only make a first impression once. When it comes to vehicles, the most important part of that first impression is the paint. A sleek, glossy exterior suggests a car has been well cared for.

Scratches, marks and dull paint overall have a negative impact on the value of your car. So, it’s important to look after your vehicle’s exterior and protect that first impression. At Brisbane Car Detailing Services, we use an advanced ceramic protection coating by Always Dry simply because it’s the best product we’ve found for the job.

Always Dry protects against colour fading from direct sunlight, acid rain and bug splatter and hard water stains, among others. Don’t take our word for it: these products come with a lifetime warranty on new vehicles. What’s more, you’ll never need to wax your car again. Paint protection makes car detailing easier.

But what if your car is already marked and showing its age? That is when paint correction comes into play. If your car has swirl marks from incorrect polishing or a few scratches, paint correction is the way to go to make it look like new.

The secret to perfect paint correction is in the thorough preparation. Our process starts with three stages of decontamination before we even start polishing. Machine polishing is both a skill and a bit of art. Done well, it can really transform the exterior of your car. If you bought your car new, we promise your car will look like it did on the day you first laid eyes on it in a showroom.

With twelve years of experience and skills developed in car detailing, we’ve got what it takes to transform your car. You won’t see any sponges or chamois around – after all, this is the 21st century! We use industry-leading, professional grade products for every job we do.

Plus, we’ll come to a place that’s convenient for you. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is South Brisbane-based, but we’ve travelled as far as Sydney or Far North Queensland to look after our customers. Get in touch today to have a chat about how we can make your car shine again!