Save Money With Our New Car Detailing Service

Image Perfection - New car detailing

It’s a familiar story in the car service industry. Your dealership has offered to detail your new car themselves, and the deal sounds amazing. It really does! They promise to provide you with the best car care and products available on the market, from paint protection, to buffing, and more. You’re convinced it’s a superb deal. But is it, really?

We’re here to enlighten you. Unfortunately, the answer is that, oftentimes…no, the dealership isn’t offering you the best deal around. In fact, more times than not, your dealership can be offering you sub-par service at an above-market price using products that frankly don’t last that long.

What’s a better alternative? At Image Perfection we have new car detailing services that provide you with true value for your money. We do this by using the best products on the market and bestowing you and your car with extremely high quality care and attention. Here’s what we can offer.

Get Protection for Your Entire Car
Unfortunately, some dealerships are less forthright than others. When it comes to detailing new cars, many apply protection to your car’s general areas, only. This means they focus on those spaces that pick up that desirable shine, but neglect all the rest. In essence, dealerships don’t protect your whole car when it comes to detailing new cars, but they do charge you for servicing the entire thing. The result is an inferior detailing service with results that don’t last too long.

At Image Perfections, we pay close attention to your entire vehicle. Our detailing services use the best products on the market. No corner or surface is left untouched because we know quality service matters.

Get Things Done Right, From the Beginning
Before jumping in, we prepare your car thoroughly for the best, radiant look. We do this by buffing it to remove light scratches and imperfections prior to applying paint protection coating products.

Our multi-stage decontamination process removes dirt, grime, and tiny ferrous metal particles that may be present even on new cars. By starting a thorough and detailed process from the very beginning, we get the best results.

Benefit from Superior Paint Protection
Following a comprehensive buffing we apply the highest quality paint protection. Our products and services cost less than what you’ll get at the dealership but they actually last longer.

Our new car paint protection service uses 9H LDC Pro and 9H-LDC Extreme liquid diamond ceramic coating on all our cars. This advanced protection is highly durable. It comes with 60% quartz, hydrophobic qualities, weather-resistant capabilities, and a lifetime warranty on new vehicles.

Yes, we can ensure your vehicle will look like you just drove it home from sale for a long time to come.

We Cover It All, Inside and Out
How do we finish? After the buffing and coating is done, finally, we clean every last corner of your car, both inside and out. This includes cleaning and polishing your wheels, windscreen, headlights, tail lights, door jams, carpets and mats. We also deodorize and condition with top quality fabric and leather protectants. Nothing is left to chance! Your business matters to us and we want to show it by providing you with the same attention and care we would give to our own luxury car.

At Image Perfection we offer the best in car paint protection, Brisbane. We also have the very highest tier of new car detailing services on the market.

Yes, you could go with what your dealership is offering, but we can do it better. Because you (and your car!) deserve only the best.

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