North Brisbane Car Detailing Services

As a mobile car detailing company, we provide mobile paint protection services across all of North Brisbane. Our primary detailing services include paint protection and paint correction which give your vehicle a perfect mirror look finish on your paintwork, it not only looks good it also protects your car from the elements. So it can stay looking new longer.
Our other car detailing services include interior car detailing, fabric protection, leather protection, engine bay cleaning and much more. We can provide full car detailing services and packages for your next car show rest assured your car will receive the treatment it deserves.

North Brisbane Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection is important for protecting the paintwork and shine of your vehicle, however, there are many inferior paint protection services out there so it is also important to choose the right one. It’s kind of like going through an automatic car wash, some will leave swirl marks on your car while others have no touch cleaning technology which does a better job without harshly damaging your cars paintwork.  Dealerships can offer paint protection for brand new vehicles before you take them home but you will pay a premium cost for this service with lacking results. with Image Perfection our car paint protection packages are affordable and offer only the best finishes with a liquid diamond ceramic coating that will provide superior paint protection for your vehicle.

Car paint protection services can be done on all types of cars, new and old with results that will astound any owner. New cars will be protected from UV damage and your older and more vintage cars will look like new with a mirror like surface you can see your face in. Not only will it give your older vehicle a new lease on life it will be protected against any further paint damage from natural causes such as the sun’s UV rays, bat and bird droppings as well as dirt and dust.

If you thought that waxing your car will protect your car’s paint you are going about it the hard way. With car paint protection you don’t have to spend hours cleaning then waxing your vehicle every few weeks or even days if you are an automotive perfectionist. Our car paint protection packages offer long lasting protection for your car as we use only professional car detailing products from Always Dry that will provide you with a beautiful finish so you can marvel at your pride and joy without the painstaking time involved. This means more time in your weekends to enjoy the Sunday drive rather than the Sunday shine.

Paint Correction North Brisbane

At Image Perfection when we perform car paint protection we usually start with paint correction to ensure a flawless result. So what’s the difference? Well, Paint correction removes all the imperfections from your vehicle’s paint that have damaged it over time. This step is essential to get the finish we are after and needs to be done before we even considering placing paint protection on your car or vehicle.
Minor scratches, UV rays, dirt and even tar can have a significant effect on your car’s paint over time. To correct these imperfections in the paint we use a thorough decontamination process to first remove larger debris on your car’s paintwork, then we move onto the smaller particles that may be ingrained in your car’s paint.
Removing these small particles is what makes the difference in our paint correction services as it produces a far better result than if they were left in the paint. removing these particles enables your car to shine with showroom quality and the final effect is almost like looking in a mirror. Now that’s the type of result you want!

If you are looking for superior mobile paint protection or paint correction service for your car contact us today on 0419 888 456

North Brisbane Mobile Car Detailing Services