Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection?

Paint protection is a ceramic coating that protects your car’s paint from natural elements such as dirt, dust and uv rays. It improves the shine of your car’s paint while providing a shield so the paint’s integrity is protected. We provide a Brisbane paint protection service for a range of vehicles. However, paint protection is not for everyone.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t bother looking after their car then paint protection is not for you. Paint protection doesn’t mean that your car won’t get scratches if someone hits you or you scrape someone else’s car. It is a way to mitigate the damage done to your car’s paint from environmental factors. You still need to care for and maintain your car as you normally would and that also means washing it!

If you are a car lover and care for your pride and joy then paint protection is definitely a must have. It provides extra peace of mind and stops your car’s paint from fading or wearing away, which can create unsightly patches on your car. The ceramic coating acts as an extra layer over the top of your clear coat, which is the only coat between the elements and your paint colour.

At Image Perfection we provide the complete Brisbane paint protection service with a full decontamination of your car’s paint before we apply the protective coating. This ensures that nothing can damage your paint further once we apply our ceramic coating. With different packages to choose from you can apply paint protection to your car on any budget.

With our superior Always Dry products the paint protection we apply is built to last. This means that you don’t have to recoat your car as often as you would with cheaper forms of paint protection. We also offer our Brisbane paint protection service at a more affordable rate than the dealerships so you are sure to get a better deal for what you pay.

So, if you are a car lover that wants to make sure their pride and joy is well looked after then paint protection is definitely worth it. Your car will be protected while looking stunning with a beautiful lasting shine. Contact your local paint protection Brisbane service today and book your car in for a ceramic coating on 0419 888 456