How To Avoid Damaging Your Car’s Paint

Keeping your paintwork in top condition is not easy and can, in some cases, require a lot of work. However, there are ways to make protecting your car’s paint easier including our paint protection services. There are also a few things you can do to prevent damage to your paint.

Avoid dirt, dust and debris 

Avoid driving through dirt and dust if you want to keep the paint on your car in top condition. Dirt and dust wears down the paintwork over time and causes minute scratches that eat away at the clear coat then the colour coating of your car.

If any debris gets on your car such as droppings, leaves or tree sap remove it from your car as soon as possible. If not your paint will be eaten away by the acidity in the droppings and be scratched by the leaves.

Washing your car 

You can damage your car’s paint just by washing it, which is best to avoid if you want the finish on your paintwork to be kept immaculate. Your vehicle may look clean but you don’t see the thousands of scratch marks you have just made on your clear coat. This is more apparent if you take your car through a carwash with brushes and rollers.

If you have to use a car wash at least use a jet spray or hand wash station. If you are washing your car by hand use the appropriate cloths and tools to keep your paint safe. This can save you a lot of headaches later on. 

How Image Perfection helps you avoid damaging your car’s paint 

Image Perfection offers a great range of services to help protect your car’s paint. This includes our paint protection services, which adds a sturdy layer to your paintwork. This helps it resist the elements that nature throws at your car.

Correcting your car’s paint is easy with our paint correction service, which we perform to decontaminate your car before adding paint protection. This ensures that your paintwork looks flawless and is easier to maintain.

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