How Much Does Ceramic Coating For Cars Cost?

Image Perfection - How Much Does Ceramic Coating For Cars Cost

Getting your car ceramic coated has numerous benefits. From an increased aesthetic appeal to advanced durability, and protection from colour fading – to name just a few pros- a ceramic coat gives you the lasting shine you seek.

It might not be for everyone, of course. If you drive a vehicle that gets very dirty and you aren’t able to wash it in good time, this might not be the best option. Likewise,  if you have a vehicle that’s likely to be dented while you use it, (perhaps due to the nature of your job), you could be better off getting a sealant for protection. But, if like many, you drive your vehicle in all conditions and you’re able to clean it somewhat regularly, a ceramic coating can be the ideal car paint protection. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

When it comes to Brisbane car detailing, we’re one of the best. Our prices start from just $995 for a small to medium-sized vehicle with Extreme ceramic coating. For two layers of protection, pricing starts at $1440. All pricing varies depending on the size of your vehicle, whether it be a small compact car, a medium-sized vehicle, or a large SUV.

No matter what you drive, a ceramic coating for cars can definitely be one of the best investments you make when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint.

Single Coat:

Always Dry 9H-LDC Extreme ceramic coating- starting from just $995
Looking for one coat? Our Always Dry Extreme ceramic coating for cars provides you with a reliable and effective single layer of paint protection. We promise you and your vehicle will reap the benefits! This product has super hydrophobic qualities that make it wick away water rapidly. It’s a dual composite ceramic glass coating made of 60% silicon dioxide, something that allows this overlay to reach the highest verifiable rating of hardness of 9H.

When applied, this substance makes an excellent chemical bond across the entire surface of your vehicle. This allows for a more intense and richer colour display. You get to show off that “new” look for a longer time to come and enjoy the paint job of your dreams.

Ultimate Protection:

 Always Dry 9H-LDC Pro + 9H-LDC Extreme ceramic coating-  starting from just $1440
 While one layer of protection is fantastic, why not go all the way? Our Ultimate service combines the advantages of both a Pro and an Extreme ceramic coating for the best possible protection on the market, by far. You get two coats of ultra-durable shielding resulting in 12 microns of true hardened ceramic glass. This is truly the best protection your money can buy. You’re completely covered. You get extreme scratch resistance, as well as chemical, UV, and thermal resistance, along with self-healing properties that elongate the life of your vehicle and its appearance.

With added depth, thickness, shine, and resilience, we promise you won’t regret this choice!

Ceramic coating for cars, paint protection and paint correction services are what we do best. Yes, you can finally leave the waxing behind. No more DIY tools and materials, or scheduling monthly appointments to have things done, (once again!)

Our Liquid diamond coating comes with a lifetime warranty on new vehicles and 5 years on a used one. It’s one of the easiest ways to add value to one of your most relied-upon assets. It’s time to give your vehicle an enduring shine that radiates strength.

Too busy to bring your car to our workshop? We now have mobile service available which means if you can’t get to us, we will come to you! We offer mobile service anywhere in South East Queensland.

Contact us now to have your car ceramic coated by the best!