How Ceramic Coatings Stack Up to Other Paint Protection Options

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a type of car paint protection. It comes in a liquid form, but once it is applied, it cures to create a hard layer that sits on top of the paint. Not only will this coating protect the paint on your car, but it will also give it a flawless shine!
The liquid diamond coating is normally made of silicon dioxide, but certain brands also use titanium dioxide to help the mixture harden. When these compounds are applied to the paint on your vehicle, it creates a chemical bond that repels water.

The purpose of a ceramic coating is to protect your vehicle’s paint from damage and blemishes. It protects the car from damaging UV rays and increases water beading, so it also stays clean for a much longer time!

The Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

The primary benefit of ceramic coatings is to prevent the paint on your car from fading. It protects it against wear and tear from the elements, such as oxidation, UV rays, bug splatter, tree sap, and hard water stains.
Ceramic coatings are an essential part of car detailing because they provide durability. Sure, you can get your car detailed every so often so that it looks clean and shiny – but how long does that really last?

A liquid diamond coating boosts the durability of the cured paint up to 9H hardness, so you can have peace of mind that your car is protected from scratches and corrosion. The fact that the coating hardens so well means that you will not have to buff your car continuously – this will save you so much time and money in the long run.

The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings also make them extremely weather resistant. The water repels off of the car, so there is no chance that it will bond with the coated surface. This repellant prevents water stains and rust build-up, regardless of storms and hot weather – while ensuring that your vehicle always has that just-detailed shine!

Ceramic coatings also have some of the most extensive warranties when compared to other car paint protection options. Waxes and polishes don’t always last as long as you had hoped, but that is not a concern with a liquid diamond coating. Always Dry offers a lifetime warranty on new vehicles – or up to 5 years on a used one.

Other Paint Protection Options

The most common alternatives to ceramic coatings are wax and paint sealants or paint protection films.
Wax and paint sealants are often done at home and without professional help since you can buy it at almost any local auto shop. This option provides a nice shine and some protection from UV rays and other elements, but again they do not last very long.

For this method to be effective, it has to be reapplied consistently, and the time and money it takes to do this can add up very quickly! So, while this option is cheaper initially, there is more work and maintenance involved.
Paint protection films are another professional option to protect the paint on your car. This product was first designed to protect helicopter blades and military vehicles. It consists of a clear, scratch protectant film that wraps around your vehicle.

Applying paint protection requires precision and expertise – and is very messy and time-consuming to apply. Removing it can be just as difficult!

Overall, ceramic coatings are the most effective option when it comes to paint protection for your vehicle.

At Image Perfection, our expert car detailers specialise in paint protection. Our precision detailing tools, and meticulous process, ensures that your ceramic coating will give your vehicle a flawless shine – while providing protection that will last!