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Leather Clean and Feed

Maintain your cars leather interior with our range of special oils. Our gentle cleaning and replenishing techniques will restore your upholstery’s soft and supple appearance, and our high-quality Swissvax products keep all kinds of leather looking and smelling fantastic.

From $150.00

Engine Bay Clean and Detail

Using Professional Exterior trim conditioner is a safe and through detailing service for your engine bay and surrounds. Sealed and protected with a non-greasy, durable sealant for plastics and rubber.

From $95.00

Professional Spray Glaze

Between a full wax and a detail spray. An innovative post-wash gloss enhancer and polymer-based surface protectant. This upgrade service will boost the gloss and reflectivity of your vehicle in addition to protecting it from damaging UV rays a new dimension of shine enhancement.

From $30.00

Interior Shampoo

Make sure your guests and family are riding in a safe and hygienic vehicle. Dirty seats and carpets are transformed into a plush and hygienic interior with this worthy addition to any car detailing.

From $150.00

Metal and Chrome Polishing and Ceramic Sealing

Our metal polishing service?removes surface oxides and restores discoloured metal, chrome and alloy. We finish by using a Ceramic coating to the surface to prevent further tarnishing.


Wheel Protection Wheel Tech- Pro (Always Dry)

Say goodbye to Brake Dust corrosion. Wheel pro-tech’s unique, exceptionally fine surface technology and chemical bonding mechanism, its performance is outstanding. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain (brake dust) and contaminant resistance, and the chemical bond formed between the wheel surfaces and makes the coating durable.

Wheel Pro-Tech is the ultimate protection against many elements. It’s virtually maintenance free and the use of harsh chemicals to clean wheels is not required. With our self-cleaning effect you can clean wheels virtually chemical free. In most cases, a mild soap, a microfiber towel and water are all you need to remove the brake dust.

  • 9H Ultra-hard ceramic coat
  • Permanent chemical Bond.
  • Extreme heat resistance.
  • Protects from brake dust and corrosion.
  • Ultra-durable lasts up to 5 years.

From $250.00

Windscreen Treatment Vison Tech (Always Dry)

Strengthens glass, scientifically proven windscreen?protection Windshields are 10x more resistant to damage, Reduces chips, cracks and has extreme abrasion resistance Reduces night glare by 35% and improves night vision 10x more water repellent Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice, and snow Save money on wipers, wipers barely needed Ultra durable, lasts 50x longer than leading store brand water repellent A must have for safety while driving Is commercial-grade Suitable for any glass type: Auto, Marine, Aviation, and more Stunning results, satisfaction guaranteed or money back Increased vision and reaction time, at 40 mph, university studies prove our hydrophobic coating can give you an extra 17 Meters of prevention (1 full second of reaction time) Windscreen Protection that lasts

From $55.00

Full Interior Protection (Fabric, Leather, Vinyl Always Dry)

Fabric Pro-and Leather Pro protects all kinds of fabrics and leather from water and oil based stains. It is breathable and extremely durable thanks to unique Always Dry’s Ultra Durable Nano Tech Coating. Repels liquids and keeps fabrics dryer, fabrics and Leather against stains and dirt build ups, Extends life by keeping your fabrics and Leather cleaner, longer. Alcohol based formula for deeper penetration and quick drying time, Maintains breathability of fabrics and Leather Resistant to breakdown from UV. It will also not change the look or feel of the fabric whatsoever. When applied to textiles, a cross linking bonding action takes place on an extremely microscopic or nano level that protects the individual fibers. The formulation bonds directly around the fibers and basically forms a shield protecting that fabric, which resists stains and repels liquid and dirt from absorbing into the fibers.

From $350.00

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