Different Types Of Paint Protection

There are many different types of paint protection from wax to our own Always Dry paint protection. However, which one is best, how are they applied and do they actually benefit your car?

Wax And Paint Sealants 

The most common way of protecting your car’s paint, which you can do at home, is applying wax and paint sealants. These types of paint protection products are easily obtainable from your local auto shop. Wax can be applied to your car to provide a nice shine and some protection from the elements. Paint sealants generally do the same thing with more advanced polymer technology.

With paint protection you definitely get what you pay for. Wax and paint sealants do not last long and reapplication has to be done consistently. Who has time for that?! They may be cheaper than professional paint protection but there is more work involved to maintain your pride and joy.

Paint Protection Film 

Paint protection film is a professional paint protection product that is available on the market for your vehicle. It was originally designed for military purposes to prevent damage to delicate helicopter blades. Later it was adapted for the car market as a form of paint protection.

Also known as clear bra or scratch protection film, paint protection film is applied by professional installers that add clear sheets to different parts of your car. This is an effective paint protection method, however, it is time consuming and messy to apply and can also be the same to remove. 

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating is an Always Dry paint protection product that is applied to your car by professional applicators such as ourselves. This is usually applied after paint correction is performed for optimum results and a flawless shine.

Our Always dry paint protection is superior to other paint protection products in both longevity and application. It is long lasting and is easily applied as a liquid diamond coating. No fuss, no mess!

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