The Difference Between Dealership And Image Perfection Paint Protection

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When you purchase paint protection for your car you want the best quality and you don’t want to be paying hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars for inferior protection for your vehicle. This is what separates Image Perfection from the dealerships because we offer our customers exactly what they want, superior paint protection at an affordable price. Most dealerships offer paint protection for both new and used cars. However, do not be fooled by their pleasing smile! Dealerships will often perform paint protection on vehicles without thoroughly cleaning the paint or imperfections from the vehicle first as well as using inferior products because they are cheaper. You will notice a dealership has not performed your paint protection service properly if you become aware of the swirls in your paint from polishing, this actually damages your paint more than it improves it. This can often be seen on brand new cars…

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The Benefits Of Paint Protection For New Vehicles

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If you have recently bought a new car you will want to keep its paint work looking like new. There is a certain amount of pride we have when driving our ?head turner?. Paint protection is something you should seriously consider. Your car will most likely be the second biggest purchase in your life, so you will want to keep it looking pristine for as long as possible. Paint Protection is one way to keep your car looking new and protect it from the harsh Queensland sun. We use only the best quality products and take the time and care to make sure the paintwork on your vehicle is left sparkling and protected. By the time we’re done it is like your car has just rolled off the showroom floor. Paint protection is a great way to keep your new car?s paint in optimum condition by protecting it against the…

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Is Your New Car Protected?

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Applied correctly, a high-quality paint protection product adds a very long lasting protective ?shell? to your car?s paintwork that repels dust, lessens grime, makes washing easier, doubly effective and completely eliminates the need for polishing. So does paint protection really work? If the right product is applied correctly ? absolutely. But don?t run to the dealer yet? Here are a few things you should know? Dealerships use their aftermarket to ?put money back in the deal? ? meaning ? if the dealership doesn?t make as much as they would have liked selling you a car, they can use their aftermarket department to build some profit back into the deal. Or, if they?ve made lots of money, they can now make even more. This is made possible for them due to?the price of car paint protection being hyper-inflated at dealerships since it?s inception. And (b) due to people having their guard…

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