How Image Perfection Takes The Burden Off Owning A Classic Car

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Owning a classic car is a dream for a lot of car enthusiasts around Australia. However, a lot of people don’t realise the work, time and cost involved in owning a piece of original history. Here you will find out just what is involved in caring for a classic car and how Image Perfection can help you do it! What is involved in owning a classic car? Those wonderful afternoon Sunday drives are only one aspect of owning a classic car. The other 90% of the time you spend on it is usually cleaning and caring for your pride and joy. This can also become harder as you start to become a classic yourself. If you want to keep your classic in top condition you will need to have it serviced and checked regularly as well as protect the exterior. You may have to replace parts while cleaning and detailing…

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What Is The Objective Of Car Detailing?

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Car detailing Brisbane is a huge business with so many people wanting to look after their cars whether it is an everyday drive or a classic collectable. It involves cleaning and often improving the car’s condition to make it look almost like it rolled off the showroom floor. There are different elements to car detailing Brisbane including the exterior, interior and engine bay cleaning. When detailing your car’s exterior the main focus is to clean up the car’s paint condition. This involves paint correction, which goes through the process of washing the car and removing the fine particles in your car’s paint through a decontamination process. Once the paint correction has been performed then paint protection can be applied to the vehicle to protect the paint’s integrity in the long run. Interior detailing for cars involves the removal of rubbish, dusting the dash console as well as other parts of…

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The Difference Between Dealership And Image Perfection Paint Protection

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When you purchase paint protection for your car you want the best quality and you don’t want to be paying hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars for inferior protection for your vehicle. This is what separates Image Perfection from the dealerships because we offer our customers exactly what they want, superior paint protection at an affordable price. Most dealerships offer paint protection for both new and used cars. However, do not be fooled by their pleasing smile! Dealerships will often perform paint protection on vehicles without thoroughly cleaning the paint or imperfections from the vehicle first as well as using inferior products because they are cheaper. You will notice a dealership has not performed your paint protection service properly if you become aware of the swirls in your paint from polishing, this actually damages your paint more than it improves it. This can often be seen on brand new cars…

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