The Benefits Of Interior Car Detailing

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Professionally detailing your car is one of the best ways that you can maintain it and protect it from the wear and tear of everyday life. Therefore, most car owners have the exterior of their car professionally detailed but what about protecting the interior? Well, here are some benefits that will urge you to have your car detailed on the inside as well as the outside! Avoid Wear And Tear The interior of your car is subject to everyday wear and tear just like any other part of your vehicle. This includes worn fabric or leather on your seats, worn plastic on your dash or doors, faded paint or stickers, etc. This is all due to the regular use your car interior receives while you are driving. Professional interior car detailing helps avoid excessive wear and tear by cleaning every inch of the interior so that all the grime and…

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The 4 Steps Of Brisbane Paint Correction

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Why do cars need paint correction? That is a common question that many car owners ask but there are major benefits to correcting your car’s paint, especially if you own a new vehicle or classic collector’s car. Paint correction enables you to protect the integrity of the vehicle and ensure that it stays in perfect condition for years to come. Unfortunately, without Brisbane paint correction your car’s paint faces continuous wear and tear from chips in the clear coat as we as dirt and debris that eat away at your pride and joy. This is the condition that most cars on the road are in and owners are not aware of the damaging effects this has. Decontamination As professional car detailers, we start our Brisbane paint correction process by decontaminating the car’s paint. This process involves washing the vehicle with a snow foam wash to remove the visible debris on…

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The Difference Between Cleaning And Detailing Your Car

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There is nothing better than having a nice clean car to drive around in and be proud of as you pull out of the driveway. However, there is a difference between just cleaning your car and giving it the full car detailing treatment, which definitely shows once the process is complete. Why cleaning is the bare minimum The average person cleaning their car will start by washing the exterior with car wash and a sponge then hose the bubbles off. After that they start on the interior where they vacuum the floor and the seats before calling it a day. What is wrong with this picture you ask? Well, to start with, you are more likely to damage your car’s paint with your sponge while cleaning your car making things worse. Your car may look clean but there are a heap of swirls you have just added to your exterior….

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Spider Webs And Swirl Marks – What You Need To Know And How They Are Removed

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To the untrained eye spider webs and swirls can seem like a normal part of any car’s paint job. Unfortunately this is not true and these marks are actually damage caused to the paint itself in the form of minute scratches that have chipped away at the paint’s surface. Fortunately there are ways of repairing the damage to your paint and removing these marks for a flawless finish. What Are Spider Webs? Spider webs are tiny scratches that criss-cross over your paint’s surface making them look like a web. These scratches are not visible in normal lighting but are blindly obvious when under bright lights or full sun. Therefore most people don’t notice that they are there but they can appear even on new cars fresh from the dealership. They are caused by using abrasive materials to clean the car including sponges, cheap cloths, dirty cloths and even car washes….

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How To Avoid Damaging Your Car’s Paint

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Keeping your paintwork in top condition is not easy and can, in some cases, require a lot of work. However, there are ways to make protecting your car’s paint easier including our paint protection services. There are also a few things you can do to prevent damage to your paint. Avoid dirt, dust and debris  Avoid driving through dirt and dust if you want to keep the paint on your car in top condition. Dirt and dust wears down the paintwork over time and causes minute scratches that eat away at the clear coat then the colour coating of your car. If any debris gets on your car such as droppings, leaves or tree sap remove it from your car as soon as possible. If not your paint will be eaten away by the acidity in the droppings and be scratched by the leaves. Washing your car  You can damage…

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The Purpose Of Paint Correction Brisbane

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Paint correction is the process used to remove swirl and scratch marks from car paint. This corrects the damage the paint has received leaving it smooth without the visible spiderweb look you can see when the paint is reflected in the sun. Why is it important? Paint correction is important because it removes tiny indents in the paint’s surface which, over time, can collect dirt and dust further damaging your car’s paintwork. If your car’s paint is continuously scratched and damaged it can eventually wear out your clear coat and damage the colour coat underneath, which will then start to expose the metal panel of your vehicle. The scratches and swirls you see in your car’s paint are caused by multiple factors including debris, natural elements, bad polishing, using the wrong materials on your paint and more. Therefore it is important to minimize these factors, which you can do with…

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How Image Perfection Takes The Burden Off Owning A Classic Car

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Owning a classic car is a dream for a lot of car enthusiasts around Australia. However, a lot of people don’t realise the work, time and cost involved in owning a piece of original history. Here you will find out just what is involved in caring for a classic car and how Image Perfection can help you do it! What is involved in owning a classic car? Those wonderful afternoon Sunday drives are only one aspect of owning a classic car. The other 90% of the time you spend on it is usually cleaning and caring for your pride and joy. This can also become harder as you start to become a classic yourself. If you want to keep your classic in top condition you will need to have it serviced and checked regularly as well as protect the exterior. You may have to replace parts while cleaning and detailing…

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Different Types Of Paint Protection

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There are many different types of paint protection from wax to our own Always Dry paint protection. However, which one is best, how are they applied and do they actually benefit your car? Wax And Paint Sealants  The most common way of protecting your car’s paint, which you can do at home, is applying wax and paint sealants. These types of paint protection products are easily obtainable from your local auto shop. Wax can be applied to your car to provide a nice shine and some protection from the elements. Paint sealants generally do the same thing with more advanced polymer technology. With paint protection you definitely get what you pay for. Wax and paint sealants do not last long and reapplication has to be done consistently. Who has time for that?! They may be cheaper than professional paint protection but there is more work involved to maintain your pride…

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What Is The Objective Of Car Detailing?

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Car detailing Brisbane is a huge business with so many people wanting to look after their cars whether it is an everyday drive or a classic collectable. It involves cleaning and often improving the car’s condition to make it look almost like it rolled off the showroom floor. There are different elements to car detailing Brisbane including the exterior, interior and engine bay cleaning. When detailing your car’s exterior the main focus is to clean up the car’s paint condition. This involves paint correction, which goes through the process of washing the car and removing the fine particles in your car’s paint through a decontamination process. Once the paint correction has been performed then paint protection can be applied to the vehicle to protect the paint’s integrity in the long run. Interior detailing for cars involves the removal of rubbish, dusting the dash console as well as other parts of…

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Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection?

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Paint protection is a ceramic coating that protects your car’s paint from natural elements such as dirt, dust and uv rays. It improves the shine of your car’s paint while providing a shield so the paint’s integrity is protected. We provide a Brisbane paint protection service for a range of vehicles. However, paint protection is not for everyone. If you are the type of person that doesn’t bother looking after their car then paint protection is not for you. Paint protection doesn’t mean that your car won’t get scratches if someone hits you or you scrape someone else’s car. It is a way to mitigate the damage done to your car’s paint from environmental factors. You still need to care for and maintain your car as you normally would and that also means washing it! If you are a car lover and care for your pride and joy then paint…

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