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Brand New Car Detailing – Don’t Leave It to the Dealership

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Your brand new car has just arrived; spotless and gorgeous. You’d like it to retain its shiny, new appearance forever, but unfortunately, it is susceptible to elements such as dust, rain, UV light, and others that can make it age prematurely and lose its resale value. Professional car detailing is an art that has been used for years to make old cars look new. However, you shouldn’t wait until your car gets damaged to seek auto detailing.  Brand new car detailing can protect and preserve your car’s appearance from day one!

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Image Perfection Brisbane Mobile Car Detailing - Car Interior Cleaning

6 Reasons You Need to Protect the Interior of Your Car

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If you’re a car enthusiast, then likely, car interior cleaning will be a top priority. If you’re not, then you might be missing out on the perks and gains. While most people only focus on what the car looks like from the outside, you should know that the inside matters just as much. The interior of your car not only reflects the beauty of your car but also says a lot about the owner. This is why it’s important to take good care of a car’s interior. It’s true. When you first enter a car, the aroma is what you notice first. What you see, what you smell, and the overall appearance gives you a strong impression of the car’s owner. With that, keeping it attractive and maintaining a great scent is what makes a good impression. If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 reasons why you should protect…

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Image perfection - Wheel Pro-Tech

The best wheel and rim protection for your car

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You want your car to look it’s very best. Washing the exterior and having your car detailed inside brings out its best features and shows you take pride in your assets. When a car has dirty wheels and rims, however, the image created is much less than picture perfect! At Image Perfection, our high-level standards in Brisbane car detailing bring the skills and knowledge you need to push your vehicle’s appearance to the next level. As the most trusted affordable car detailing service in Brisbane, we use only the best products to get your car looking like it just rolled off the lot. This includes cutting-edge products for wheel and rim protection.

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Image Perfection Brisbane New Car Detailing

This Is Why You Need To Get Your New Car Detailed Now!

By | Car Detailing, Car Detailing Products, Ceramic Coating, Leather Protection, Wheel Protection

You’ve purchased a new car and it’s time to break it in. Your vehicle has come complete with that new-car smell, a spotless dashboard, gleaming windows, and shiny wheels. Getting your car detailed is an option but why bother with the expense now, when everything still looks so untouched? If you want to keep your new car looking its best, then now is the time to invest in the protection of a high-end, white-glove car detailing service. Here’s why.

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Car Detailing Packages Image Perfection Brisbane

5 Reasons To Give The Gift Of A Car Detailing

By | Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Paint Protection, Services

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family isn’t always easy to do. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day ahead of us, now is a great time to gather your ideas to wow them. While a new shirt or a family lunch date remain tried-and true go-to solutions, why not splurge for something new? Surprise them. Give the gift of a clean, gleaming car this year. Here are five reasons this can be a great idea.

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Prevent Water Marks - Image Perfection Car Detailing Brisbane

How To Prevent Water Marks On Your Car’s Paint – Is Ceramic Coating The Answer?

By | Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection

So, you’ve just bought a brand new car and looking at ways in which to keep its condition top-notch. We don’t blame you. Buying a new car is far more than a financial transaction. It’s an emotional one as well, one which you’ve spent a great deal of time pondering on. You’ve compared various models, which best suit your lifestyle, which don’t. Now, you’ve bought your perfect car and are worried about how best to care for it. One serious concern for many new car owners is how to prevent water marks on the paint. In fact, a question we often get asked is ‘Will ceramic coating really prevent water marks?’ The answer is a firm yes and here’s why.

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Image perfection - automotive paint protection

Automotive Paint Protection – Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat

By | Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Image Perfection, Leather Protection, Paint Protection, Services

Summer is coming and so is the heat! The warmer weather presents an amazing opportunity to take in some relaxation at the beach, and to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Road trips and summer getaways beckon. As always, you want to be sure to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun, which includes using things like sunscreen and limiting your time spent in extreme heat, on a personal level. You’ll also may want to make sure your car stays in its best condition (we can recommend our automotive paint protection service…but more on this later!) Vehicles that are left in the sun for too long can experience damage and a lot of this comes down to drying paint. How can you best protect your car from the summer heat? Let’s take a look!

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Image Perfection - New car detailing

Save Money With Our New Car Detailing Service

By | Car Detailing, Car Detailing Products, Ceramic Coating, Leather Protection

It’s a familiar story in the car service industry. Your dealership has offered to detail your new car themselves, and the deal sounds amazing. It really does! They promise to provide you with the best car care and products available on the market, from paint protection, to buffing, and more. You’re convinced it’s a superb deal. But is it, really? We’re here to enlighten you. Unfortunately, the answer is that, oftentimes…no, the dealership isn’t offering you the best deal around. In fact, more times than not, your dealership can be offering you sub-par service at an above-market price using products that frankly don’t last that long. What’s a better alternative? At Image Perfection we have new car detailing services that provide you with true value for your money. We do this by using the best products on the market and bestowing you and your car with extremely high quality care…

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Simply The Best – Car Detailing Services Brisbane

Simply The Best – Car Detailing Services Brisbane

By | Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Image Perfection, Paint Correction, Paint Protection

You’ve driven your brand-new pride from the dealership, taken it for a spin around town, and parked it outside of your house for a few days. It doesn’t take long to start noticing dirt, bird droppings, and dust. Time to think about getting your car detailed and giving it back that sheen it had when you first laid eyes on it. Whether you are looking after your own car or a dozen fleet vehicles in Brisbane, planning for professional detailing from Brisbane Car Detailing Services should be on your list for looking after your vehicle. Detailing starts with a simple wash and vacuum. Done fortnightly, this may be enough to keep your fleet of vehicles looking as good as new.

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