Always Dry Fabric Pro-Tech – Product Review

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle and want to know the best option for car interior protection? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best fabric protector for your existing car seats?

If so, this guide is for you! Keep reading to learn more about how Always Dry Fabric Pro-Tech can help protect your vehicle and keep your seats looking brand-new.

Protect the Resale Value of Your Vehicle
Buying a car is a significant investment, so you want to do everything you can to protect it. The upkeep of your car’s interior can make all the difference when it comes to resale value, and a vehicle that has seats that look brand new will sell faster and for more!
Think about it: if you had to choose between two vehicles of the same make and model, but one had fabric stains or faded seats, which one would you choose? The answer is pretty straightforward – you’d choose to purchase the car that had fabric protection treatments applied!
The best fabric protector on the market for protecting your interior is Fabric Pro-Tech by Always Dry. Why? Well because Fabric Pro-Tech is breathable and exceptionally durable thanks to unique Always Dry’s Ultra Durable NanoTech Coating. This fabric protector resists oil-based stains safeguarding your fabric and ultimately ensuring the resale value of your vehicle.

Prevent Stains and Fading
Although sunny days are great for enjoying the outdoors, they are not so great for the fabrics in our cars. The harsh UV rays can cause the seats to fade and deteriorate, making your vehicle look much older and more worn down than it is.
When you hire the experts at Image Perfection to protect your vehicle with Fabric Pro-Tech by Always Dry, you can rest assured knowing that your fabric will be resistant from breaking down as a result of UV rays.
This impressive protector not only protects your fabrics against stains and the buildup of dirt but also maintains breathability. It can even repel liquids so that your car seats remain dry after a trip to the beach!

The Most Cost-Effective Option
Repairing or replacing the fabric in your vehicle can get quite expensive. It will cost you more in the long run to replace the fabric than it will be to purchase car interior protection.
Always Dry Fabric Pro-Tech is an affordable option that will extend the life of your vehicle’s interior and save you money on detailing.
The experts at Image Perfection can provide you with an interior detailing quote for your vehicle so you can see just how affordable this option is.
It Makes Cleaning Your Car Simple

When you use the best fabric protector for car seats like the products offered by Always Dry, it will actually make it easier to clean your car in the long run.
Their products offer washable protection that lasts a long time, which means that your fabrics stay cleaner for a longer period. In other words, you don’t have to detail your car every other week to keep up its appearance!

Image Perfection Offers the Best Car Interior Protection
Image Perfection is your go-to car interior protection specialist. Our expert technicians are the best in the industry when it comes to car detailing services and fabric protection!
We don’t use any outdated equipment like chamois or sponges – because we understand your car deserves much better. Every technician is equipped with an intricate set of detailing tools, additional specialty cleansing agents, and microfiber towels. This is all to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your seats.

At Image Perfection, we also understand that your time is important and you shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your vehicle and going to work or doing the other things you need to do. That’s why we offer mobile car detailing services in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland.

Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service so your car is always looking great both inside and out. Contact us today to find out more about our full interior protection package.