As the owner of multiple show cars, I have always had a passion for maintaining and enhancing the appearance of cars ever since I helped my dad with his cars as a young child.

After many years of working on and perfecting my automobile skills, I started winning awards for my own show cars. this was the moment I found my calling and knew by going into the automobile industry I would be following not only my dreams but my passion. Therefore, in 2012 I established what would be one of the most well known car detailing companies in Brisbane IMAGE PERFECTION. A business dedicated to detailing and restoring cars to a professional and high quality finish…just like in the showroom.

The mobile services Image Perfection offered back when we began became so popular that customer demand skyrocketed and the business expanded into what it is today. That’s how we knew there was an absolute and definite need for quality restoration and paint protection services in Brisbane. Now, it is more of a passionate career than a business, we offer quality mobile car detailing services across Brisbane and South East Queensland including:

Since 2012, Image Perfection has built a reputation as one of Brisbane’s finest and most trusted mobile car detailers and mobile paint correction companies, which is no surprise, given the high-quality products we use and our commitment to quality workmanship and service.

We have invested heavily in training, compliance and application standards for our paint protection, paint correction and car detailing services. Image Perfection is also proud to be officially recognised as an authorised Always Dry applicator for ceramic paint protection and a Surf City professional car detailer.

We cater for all vehicles, makes and models, whether it’s your daily drive, street machine or classic collector car you can be confident that we have a car package to suit your needs. From our Bronze to our Gold car protection packages we will make sure your car only receives the best. You can also choose from our extra services including an engine bay clean or interior shampoo! This is especially convenient if you are about to showcase your car at the next expo or auto salon.

For us, car detailing is an art and we love what we do! Whether we’re working on a Lancer or a Lamborghini we utilise the world’s best products and trade practices to ensure that your pride and joy shines in all its splendour. Some people are perfectionists and clean freaks, well that’s how we feel when we are detailing a car. There is nothing like being able to stand back and take a mirror image photo from the reflection in your car’s paint work.

We don’t use sponges or chamois. This isn’t 1992! We utilise an intricate set of detailing tools, plush microfibre towels, soft cleansing agents and a range of high-tech machines to thoroughly and safely detail your vehicle.

Being a mobile car detailing and paint correction service means we can come to your work or home whether you live in Brisbane or elsewhere in South East Queensland. We are so invested in the happiness and satisfaction of our clients that we have even travelled too Far North Queensland and as far south as Sydney to provide our loyal customers with superior car detailing and mobile paint correction services. That is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Image Perfection is all about customer service and the people and communties that support us. Therefore, we believe in giving back to the community whenever and however we can. With this in mind, we support many community events around Brisbane! If you think that Image Perfection can support your next event, please give us a call.