Always Dry Brisbane: 9H-LDC PRO Ceramic Paint Protection

When it comes to paint protection, 9H-LDC PRO is as good as it gets! This guide will help you understand what it is and how this ceramic coating works, along with the benefits it has to offer.

What is 9H-LDC Pro?
9H-LDC PRO is an advanced type of ceramic paint protection coating offered by Always Dry. It is extremely durable and offers excellent hydrophobic properties. It is different from other products because its SiO2 content is much greater than most – this allows it to be incredibly transparent and resistant to chemicals. Specifically, this liquid diamond coating protects your vehicle’s finish from fading as a result of sun damage, tree sap, bug splatter, or water stains. Even light scratches can be prevented by applying 9H-LDC PRO! It works by creating a chemical bond that sticks to the paint on the car, creating a protective seal that’s both durable and strong.

Benefits of Ceramic Paint Protection
So, why should you invest in ceramic car paint protection?

The reality is that your car has a beautiful finish when you purchase it – shiny and clean without any imperfections. However, this rarely lasts due to wear and tear. Whether it’s harmful UV rays that damage the paint on your car, or a physical scratch from debris on the road, the paint on your brand-new car is completely unprotected. However, if you apply a coating of 9H-LDC PRO, you can keep your car looking brand new for longer! If your car already has lost some of its shine, don’t fret – a liquid diamond coating can also help you rejuvenate it.

Not only does 9H-LDC make your car look great, but it also helps it retain resale value. If you try to sell or trade-in a vehicle with a scratched and faded interior, you are going to get much lower offers.

Here are 3 key benefits of 9H-LDC PRO:
#1 Permanent Paint Protection
Where most paint protection options only provide temporary coverage, this liquid diamond coating is a permanent solution! It is backed by a national warranty that guarantees your car will have a shiny and durable appearance for the long-term.

#2 Reduces Maintenance Requirements
When you apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, maintaining the finish is much easier! You no longer need to spend time waxing your car or buffing out scratches. The hard, outer coating will protect it from damage, and the hydrophobic properties provide an almost self-cleaning effect. It won’t fall off or crack, and also has self-healing properties. This will save you a significant amount of time and money when it comes to car maintenance.

#3 Colour Enhancing
Besides providing extreme scratch resistance and durability, the 9H-LDC PRO ceramic paint protection also enhances the colour of your vehicle. Due to its transparency and chemical bonding, it provides additional depth to your colour finish and adds a reflective shine.

Image Perfection is Here to Help!
If you’re ready to protect your vehicle with a 9H-LDC PRO ceramic coating, Image Perfection is here to help! We’re car-detailing experts that specialise in paint protection and correction, as well as interior detailing. Our technicians only use the most sophisticated tools and machines to safely apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle to ensure the highest quality finish. At Image Perfection, we recognize that you have a busy schedule –that’s why we come to you, whether you live in Brisbane North, Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs.

Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line customer service that ensures your car’s exterior looks great and is well protected.