3 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Detailed Before Sale!

When it is time to sell your car, there are a number of things you need to consider before setting the asking price and advertising it online. Once you’ve sorted paperwork, made sure the logbook is up to date and secured a roadworthy certificate, professional car detailing Brisbane is an additional yet essential step in boosting the curbside appeal of your vehicle.

Read on to discover the 3 reasons you should get your car detailed before sale.

It will make your vehicle look newer!
One of the main reasons you should get your car detailed before sale is its looks. It’s normal for a car to have some wear and tear. On average, a vehicle in Queensland travels 13,699 kilometers a year or 37.5 kilometers a day! So it’s understandable your car might be looking a little lackluster or tired. It’s important to pay attention to both the interior and the exterior as both can affect your sale. Any damage to exterior paint can impact the value and interest you have in your car, which is why a professional like Image Perfection Brisbane can perform flawless paint correction techniques on your car, which boasts some pretty impressive results. Equally, the interior of your car needs some professional attention. Pre-sale interior cleans restore your car interior and can make or break your car sale. A pleasant smell and clean shiny finishes tell the buyer the vehicle has been well maintained and they are likely to act favourably on this.

It increases your asking price
You can see a return on your auto detailing investment by the results, increasing the value of your car. With a plethora of used cars on the market, it is key you stand out. Simply vacuuming your car and wiping it down is not going to draw in buyers who are prepared to match your asking price if they feel they are going to need to spend more on paint correction or cleaning! You may find buyers simply walk away or offer you a number below what you feel the car is worth. By opting for Brisbane car detailing and in particular Image Perfection, you have a variety of car detailing packages to choose from. Plus, you can be sure your car will be detailed to the perfect saleable condition allowing you to get the best price possible for your car!

Your car will sell faster
Another reason you should get your car detailed before sale is that it will sell faster. No one wants to spend months making phone calls, answering messages, and paying for advertisements on car sales websites. When it is time to sell your car, you want a no-fuss simple process so you can move on, and so does your buyer. This is why they will be looking for exquisitely presented cars, ready to be on the road immediately. Getting your interior and exterior car detailing with Image Perfection will restore your car to its most saleable condition and get that cash in your back wallet, fast!

Let us do it for you!
So don’t break your back trying to vacuum every nook and cranny of your car, or contort in awkward positions trying to clean sticky fingers prints off areas of the windows you’re not sure how your children could reach, call Image Perfection car detailing and paint correction Brisbane. Our mobile service offers convenience and peace of mind so you can continue your day without losing the use of your car. This means we can service your vehicle at work, at home, or wherever you need us!

Car detailing is an art, and every car is equal to us. So, be it a Lancer or a Lamborghini be assured your vehicle will receive our superior treatment with world-class products. Call us today; Brisbane car detailing will be ready to come to you!