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Save Money With Our New Car Detailing Service

By | Car Detailing, Car Detailing Products, Ceramic Coating, Leather Protection

It’s a familiar story in the car service industry. Your dealership has offered to detail your new car themselves, and the deal sounds amazing. It really does! They promise to provide you with the best car care and products available on the market, from paint protection, to buffing, and more. You’re convinced it’s a superb deal. But is it, really? We’re here to enlighten you. Unfortunately, the answer is that, oftentimes…no, the dealership isn’t offering you the best deal around. In fact, more times than not, your dealership can be offering you sub-par service at an above-market price using products that frankly don’t last that long. What’s a better alternative? At Image Perfection we have new car detailing services that provide you with true value for your money. We do this by using the best products on the market and bestowing you and your car with extremely high quality care…

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