Always Dry Brisbane: 9H-LDC PRO Ceramic Paint Protection

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When it comes to paint protection, 9H-LDC PRO is as good as it gets! This guide will help you understand what it is and how this ceramic coating works, along with the benefits it has to offer. What is 9H-LDC Pro? 9H-LDC PRO is an advanced type of ceramic paint protection coating offered by Always Dry. It is extremely durable and offers excellent hydrophobic properties. It is different from other products because its SiO2 content is much greater than most – this allows it to be incredibly transparent and resistant to chemicals. Specifically, this liquid diamond coating protects your vehicle’s finish from fading as a result of sun damage, tree sap, bug splatter, or water stains. Even light scratches can be prevented by applying 9H-LDC PRO! It works by creating a chemical bond that sticks to the paint on the car, creating a protective seal that’s both durable and strong….

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