How Ceramic Coatings Stack Up to Other Paint Protection Options

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What is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coating is a type of car paint protection. It comes in a liquid form, but once it is applied, it cures to create a hard layer that sits on top of the paint. Not only will this coating protect the paint on your car, but it will also give it a flawless shine! The liquid diamond coating is normally made of silicon dioxide, but certain brands also use titanium dioxide to help the mixture harden. When these compounds are applied to the paint on your vehicle, it creates a chemical bond that repels water. The purpose of a ceramic coating is to protect your vehicle’s paint from damage and blemishes. It protects the car from damaging UV rays and increases water beading, so it also stays clean for a much longer time! The Benefits of Ceramic Coatings The primary benefit of ceramic coatings is to…

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