The 4 Steps Of Brisbane Paint Correction

By | Paint Correction

Why do cars need paint correction? That is a common question that many car owners ask but there are major benefits to correcting your car’s paint, especially if you own a new vehicle or classic collector’s car. Paint correction enables you to protect the integrity of the vehicle and ensure that it stays in perfect condition for years to come. Unfortunately, without Brisbane paint correction your car’s paint faces continuous wear and tear from chips in the clear coat as we as dirt and debris that eat away at your pride and joy. This is the condition that most cars on the road are in and owners are not aware of the damaging effects this has. Decontamination As professional car detailers, we start our Brisbane paint correction process by decontaminating the car’s paint. This process involves washing the vehicle with a snow foam wash to remove the visible debris on…

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The Difference Between Cleaning And Detailing Your Car

By | Car Detailing

There is nothing better than having a nice clean car to drive around in and be proud of as you pull out of the driveway. However, there is a difference between just cleaning your car and giving it the full car detailing treatment, which definitely shows once the process is complete. Why cleaning is the bare minimum The average person cleaning their car will start by washing the exterior with car wash and a sponge then hose the bubbles off. After that they start on the interior where they vacuum the floor and the seats before calling it a day. What is wrong with this picture you ask? Well, to start with, you are more likely to damage your car’s paint with your sponge while cleaning your car making things worse. Your car may look clean but there are a heap of swirls you have just added to your exterior….

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