Spider Webs And Swirl Marks – What You Need To Know And How They Are Removed

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To the untrained eye spider webs and swirls can seem like a normal part of any car’s paint job. Unfortunately this is not true and these marks are actually damage caused to the paint itself in the form of minute scratches that have chipped away at the paint’s surface. Fortunately there are ways of repairing the damage to your paint and removing these marks for a flawless finish. What Are Spider Webs? Spider webs are tiny scratches that criss-cross over your paint’s surface making them look like a web. These scratches are not visible in normal lighting but are blindly obvious when under bright lights or full sun. Therefore most people don’t notice that they are there but they can appear even on new cars fresh from the dealership. They are caused by using abrasive materials to clean the car including sponges, cheap cloths, dirty cloths and even car washes….

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