Why Do New Cars Need Paint Correction?

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To those who don’t know what paint correction is it can seem hard to spot, especially when you see the nice shiny cars in the dealership showroom. However, paint correction happens all to often because the dealerships can’t do the job right the first time. It is unfortunate that dealerships make you pay a lot of money for a vehicle that you think is perfect but is seriously lacking in quality. We are talking about the quality of the paint, which if you look closely, has severe swirl marks. This is why new cars need paint correction because the dealerships sell you a product with paint imperfections. They will offer paint correction services as an upsell but the result will not be as professional or done with the amount of quality workmanship you would expect. Therefore, you end up throwing more money at them for nothing. This is where we…

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Solving The Myths Of Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic coatings have many benefits and helps protect your car’s paint from the environment. However, some people are scepticle about ceramic coating and what it actually performs. So here are a few myths that we can disperse so you get the most out of your ceramic coating. Myth: Having a ceramic coating means I never have to wash my car This is false. Ceramic coatings help protect your car’s paint but you still need to wash and maintain it. Your car will still become dirty from its surrounding environment, which will contaminate the paint if not taken care of. Ceramic coatings help reduce contamination but it doesn’t mean you should neglect cleaning your car. Myth: Ceramic coatings will protect my car from any scratches This is false. It is often misleading to assume that ceramic coatings will protect your car from scratches. It can prevent very light scratches from damaging…

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