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Image Perfection has quickly built a reputation as one of Brisbane’s finest mobile car detailers, which is no surprise, given the high-quality products we use and our commitment to quality workmanship and service. We have invested heavily in training, compliance and application standards and we are proud to be officially recognized as an Authorized Always Dry Applicator and Surf City Professional Detailer.

For your convenience, we’ll come to your home or office.

Image Perfection is all about quality when it comes to professionally detailing your vehicle. We started as a mobile car detailing and paint protection business in 2012, now we restore and maintain cars and other vehicles to the highest standards across Queensland. With our quality workmanship and expertise we are known as one of the most trusted car detailing and paint protection services in Brisbane. Combined with our quality workmanship we use high quality tools and products to make your car shine with showroom quality. We cater for all vehicles new and old whether you have a classic or want to make your everyday drive more presentable. As an authorized Always Dry application specialist we work on your vehicle with some of the best products on the market to provide your car the best paint protection and paint correction services.

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Our Paint Protection Services

We provide high quality mobile paint protection for many vehicles across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Paint protection is a great way to protect your car’s paint against natural elements such as UV rays, bird and bat droppings, dirt, light scratches and more. We go through a thorough process of cleaning and decontaminating your car’s paintwork before we apply the paint protection coating. This way you are guaranteed a superior shine and a flawless finish to your vehicle’s paint. Our paint protection will also last a long time before needing to be reapplied and will make it easier to clean and maintain the shine on your car.

Our Paint Correction Services

Have you ever come across swirls and light scratches in the paintwork while cleaning your car? These are paint imperfections that have appeared due to everyday wear and tear, auto car washes as well as rough or incorrect polishing and cheap detailing services. Our mobile paint correction services remove these imperfections and give your car’s paint a flawless mirror image finish. This is all thanks to our thorough detailing process, quality tools, high quality products, trained technicians and attention to detail, which is the formula for a beautiful finish!

We do not cover up or hide the imperfections in your car’s paint but truly remove them, which is what separates us from other car detailing services. Polishing alone will only cause contaminates to become caught in the polishing pad and further scratch your car’s paint. We remove these contaminates before polishing to prevent more damage and protect your vehicle.


“No words to really describe just how happy and impressed i am with your service, and special attention made to our brand new GTSR. Always Dry Extreme and Pro has made the car service feel as solid as a ceramic plate. AMAZING.”

Peter Lawrie
full detailing - car detailing brisbane

“I never knew paint could feel this good! You're a legend Craig! Not only did you revive the neglected (black) Skyline from chalk to silk ready for sale but the finish on the Mondeo after this coating is incredible! ”

Kayla McLean
full detailing - car detailing brisbane

“Craig does a great job I have had 3 vehicles done by him now and want go anywhere else, I just had my Ford Wildtrack serviced and they could not believe how good the paint was with the Always Dry Craig applied.”

Chris Bushell
full detailing - car detailing brisbane